Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Open Letter to my Kitties

My dearest kitties,

I know I spoil you rotten. I pat you pretty much when ever you want, I make room so you can sleep in my bed (on my pillow, on my head) and you have free run of the house. You have more scratching posts / trees in number than there are of you. You get the best I can provide for you.

But please, do not forget, you are actually CATS! see those claws at the end of your feet? the tail? have you forgotten the sharp pointy teeth you have in your mouthes??


well then why oh why will you not dine on the flesh of the birds I bring home to you..

and WHY is Tweedle the only one of you who will actually dane to chew the flesh off those bones?? Twee! yes, my special little girl who looks at me cross eyed when I talk to her, and who took till she was eight weeks of age to eat on her own with out her face burried in the food (because that was the only way to teach her to eat)

Now Jack, I know you did eat the meat I provided for you, but don't forget - YOU HAVE TO CHEW IT!! or else it comes right back up like it did today. It is not supposed to enter your stomach as your eyes saw it you know. That is why you have those sharp pointy teeth!!


so I will clean up the vomit and throw away the meat filled bones, and I will eventually cave and give you the ground up raw you so very much want (but not the gooshey food nor the dry you REALLY REALLY want) and maybe we'll try again another day..

cause honestly, trust me on this, you are cats!!

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