Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Joy

Well this isn't good.

last week I noticed what might have been acne on Joy's little white chin. I cleaned it off and it came pretty clean with just a basic picking. I thought maybe it might have just been food debris since it didn't come back and she eats out of ceramic bowls. Well yesterday I noticed the corner of her lip was swollen, just as Muffin's lower lip swells after she has a bout of acne. The vet called it a rodent ulcer, and we leave it untreated and it goes away.

Well Joy's lip seemed even more swollen last night, so I sent an email to the foster coordinator, but since I haven't heard back, I think I'll try running her in after work and get her looked at tonight.. although chances are they'll want to send her to the vet.

Joy doesn't seem to mind it though. She didn't much like my pulling on her lips to get a better look - but then no cat likes you when you pull on their lips.

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