Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joy is just too smart / currious

oh the mischeif she's going to get into! :)

yesterday we had Happiness out and were cuddling her and Joy sat on the perch in the cage and wimpered out towards my DH. He responded: "What, do you want to come out too??" and Joy actually nodded her head in the affirmative. When he went to get her, she freaked, and he has no tolerance for that so he just left her in the cage, but he was a little weirded out by it.

Today I cleaned out their cage and put it back together. I put in a fabric cube for them to sleep in (which they don't, but they do hang out in it) and when they jump on top of it they cause it to fall over and what not. So I put a box on top of the cube that *just fits* between the space from the top of the cube to the shelf above it. Well apparently Joy likes to sit in that box.. cause she wormed her way into it, knowing if she stepped just right on the top of the cube a space is created for her to squeeze through.

Yup.. they kill me :) Joy likes to play with my hair, and chew on the bows on my jammies.. she's 97% there.. she still is quite concerned when in new situations and when you go to get her out of those situations.. but with practice she'll come right around and be a perfectly well adjusted kitty.. :)

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