Friday, October 15, 2010

now this is interesting

I've been trying to read up more on nutrition since I have some health issues of my own, and one of the blogs I've been reading did a video on how to make your own breakfast cereal.  Her video for the first few minutes went on and on about how toxic breakfast cereals are because of the extrusion process damages so many of the nutrients in the foods.  They apparently have done studies on this, and have the research..

Why is it that food that is so bad is so incredibly addicting???  so does not sound logical does it?  Why do our bodies (and my kitties who LOVE dry {extruded} foods) love this sort of thing?? I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it.  I fully believe that sugar is not ideal for me, but why do I get such sugar cravings???  *shrug*

On another note, Fleurp had her second recheck and is doing beautifully.  The cement passed, and we are weaning her off the pred.  Doing a recheck in two weeks


  1. Sugar actually would have to be marketed as a drug if it came on the market today, because of its addictive properties. I have a terrible sugar addiction and it's one of the worst things we can consume.

    In our house, Derry is our kibble-head, though I limit the dry to about 1/4 cups a day for the boys--and even that's more than they should have. Nicki will eat canned without problem, whereas Derry has to be REALLY hungry before he'll touch it. Annie prefers canned anyway, so it's easy with her.

    I believe dry cat food has to have the nutrients and flavour sprayed back on it after cooking, because the preparation leeches everything out of it.

  2. Actually, I've read from several different sources that they do spray on fat, flavorings and vitamins after it is cooked in order to make it palitable to cats. That's why when you handle it your hands are greasy.

    (LOL.. my word verification is torti, how appropriate)


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