Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Well this isn't good.  Muffin has a swollen lip again.  The other week she had a scratch on her chin and swelling.  I put her on an antibiotic and it healed up nicely.  Its been over a week, and BOOM, this morning her poor lower lip was swollen.  I intended to watch it for a few days, but this evening it was  worse then it was in this photo.
swollen lip

close up

Muff has a tendency towards this when something is irritating her, generally fleas these days but it has happened when she was younger with plastic food bowls - which she doesn't have access to any more.  We have had fleas in the house recently, but I haven't seen any in a while, nor have I seen any on her, but I know how sneaky they can be so I gave her some advantage just to be safe.  I hope it is smaller in the morning a) because I can't imagine how uncomfortable that is for her and b) I do not want to put her on steroids.. (Muffin already weighs almost 15 lbs)

I also got this photo this morning. I was wondering, would you consider this a "mooning"?
but Mom, our tushies are our best side!!

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