Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another midnight mystery

This one isn't nearly as mysterious though.  Last night Skippy decided to snuggle with me while I was sleeping. He climbed up on me and I awoke to his smacking and licking his lips, and being drooled on.  Of course my first thought was "oh my goodness, he's nauseous, he's sick, what the heck?!?!?" 

So I started patting him, and he started purring, and started drooling (which is his norm) and he stopped and smacked and licked his lips..

Guess being with me while I was asleep made him happy.. :)

As to the other midnight mystery, I left him in isolation yesterday with a can of gushy food and the litter box.  When I got home, he hadn't used the box, so I picked him up, put him in it, and he immediately squatted and went pee (pee on command?) which was very nice for me..  Peed right on the PH crystals, and they didn't turn.  So I'm thinking he was just playing with my computer bag then sat on it, and it just looked like a squat because it wasn't completely flat. We'll be watching him a little closer for the next few days, but I think this was just a case of my being paranoid (which I'm completely ok with)

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