Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I did today

Today I volunteered for the shelter at a "RESCUE AWARENESS & APPRECIATION DAY!!" at a nearby vet clinic.  It was interesting, but it was almost exclusively geared towards dogs so I felt a little out of place. All of the give aways were dog related.  All of the info was dog related.  I kept asking about kitties, who knows if I produced any light bulb moments for anyone.  There were some kitties up for adoption inside, but no kitty information or give aways  *shrug*  oh well.  Got the shelter name out there, which often is more important in the long run.

I then came home and spent some time with Juno and the kits.  The little tri tiger really wants to come out of the box, but she just can't seem to make it up and over.  Up yes, over no.  So I put my leg next to it and let her climb up on my leg.  She was so proud of herself.  When I put her back in the box, she cried continually looking for the edge of the box, and trying to get out.  She worked her way back over to my leg and pulled herself out again.  I let her wander a bit, then put her back in the box and moved away so she couldn't use me, and this time she went face first into the ground.  Not sure if that is going to deter her from crawling out again, as she really seemed to like it... but maybe not being with her siblings for the entire night might as she has no way to get back in there :)

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