Saturday, October 9, 2010

getting the word out about feline nutrition

So having seen first hand the effects that a species appropriate diet can do for a kitty several times over (Em, Eli, Jack, Miss Benny, Bear, and numerous malnourished kittens) I'm a big fan of getting the word out that there *is* a difference in cat foods.  I had been told by several different vets that it really doesn't matter, but it does.

So I read up on it a lot. I enjoy it.  I will talk food to anyone who asks me about it...but I do try to not soap box IRL, and try to keep it to a minimum here.

But if you are interested in feline nutrition, is a really good resource ( as is that I normally refer people too since it is run by a vet) and right now they have started a membership drive, and they are hoping to get 1000 members.  From the recent email Our goal in the near-term is to reach 1000 members. This is a number that we feel will be taken seriously by mainstream media and make reaching out to a general cat-owning audience easier. I appreciate the goal of wanting to get the word out, and here I am doing my little part.  Hopefully they can reach their goals and convert more people into being more informed about what they feed their pet.

What you choose to feed your kitty is your decision but one that should be made out of love and with as much information as possible.  The love you have (obviously you are reading a kitty blog) the information is so much harder to come by as most of the information out there is from the pet food manufactures who have their own interests and not your kitty as their priority

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