Sunday, October 3, 2010


They are becoming more interested in the world around them.  I went in to feed their mom, and they all sat up and looked at me. They are so rolly polly so mom is doing her job very well :) She's eating up a storm which is nice.  I know full well that the kittens are draining her, as almost every mom has not been able to keep up with hungry kittens, and with five of them it is going to happen eventually, but hopefully with the way she's eating it will be later rather then sooner.

I talked to the woman who is going to house sit when I go away in two weeks, and she has no problem taking care of them, so I won't have to turn them in.

1 comment:

  1. Those baby faces are so precious I almost can't stand it.

    A co-worker's first fosters were a mom and her 7 kittens (6 of her own and one foster kitten), and Sweet Pea did nothing but eat. LOL. Very draining indeed, to be feeding all those hungry, growing babies!

    Big smooches to them all; I desperately want to cuddle them. LOL.


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