Saturday, October 16, 2010

Input and Output

more milestones are being reached.  I got one of the solid black kitties to eat canned food.  I was all excited until I turned around and several of them were digging into the dry.. *sigh*  hey, I can only do my best to encourage them to the better food options.  Juno is uber picky with canned food and is eating a full 3.5 lb bag of food a week, and kittens learn from example.  Hopefully we can get the kittens to set a good example for one another and get them more into canned food.

They also have started using the litter box for pooping!!  :) small victories hun?  I even caught one of the kittens in the "big kitty box" and when scooping it I've found several kitten sized pee piles, so I know it wasn't a one time event.

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