Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kittens meet meat

Well we have been battling diarrhea here, and after several stool tests we have determined there is no reason for it (no parasites, etc) so I decided to introduce the kittens to raw food to see if that would help things.  Raw meat signifgantly reduces the amount and smell of the stool of every cat who eats it.  My own cats have stools that are dry, small and do not smell.  So I brought a plate down.  Juno got it rather quickly and enjoyed it. The kittens were very unsure what it was, and they weren't having anything to do with it (which is odd, usually kittens are all over meat)

So I did the most disgusting thing, I took small pieces of the raw and force fed each one of them.  Kif got the first taste, and it took three "tastes" before he started eating it on his own. Maxie also took several tastes before she was interested, but she did not remain interested for long - there was playing to do after all.  The others would eat it, but they just weren't all that interested in it.  I got them to take bites on their own, but then they wandered off.  I wasn't going to push it, as I knew it was Kif that had diarrhea the worst, and he was the one I was most interested seeing what would happen.

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  1. Yes, raw is the best, even though I'm too lazy and undisciplined to try to get them to eat it. (Mine don't even really like cooked people food.)

    But I have a co-workers who has fostered kittens a number of times and she's fed them only raw -- what a difference in muscle mass and shiny coats, just overall health between raw-fed and kibble-fed kittens. Really noticeable! I hope they all catch on and decide they love it!


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