Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitty love

Kit sitting on her daddy

Skippy trying to look serious


 Speaking of Fleurp.  Went to the vet on Thursday for her follow up "been off pred for over a week how is her RBC?" and she had a great follow up.  her RBC was 48 (she was a little dehydrated, it should have been ~45) So, two paws up for her, and no more vaccines per my vet.

Twee and Fleurp being book ends (like Ollie's photo on canvas?)

Mom... stop with the flashy thing!

Where are the cookies!?!?!

"MOM!!!" screams Jack, "stop with the flashy thing and give us treats!!!!"
Eli is in the "where's the cookies" shot.  He's not all that into me right now because I trimmed his nails and cleaned his teeth and face.

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