Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the kitten's big day!

I decided a road trip would do the kittens some good, so I packed them all up and brought them in to work.  A co-worker was jonesin for a little kitten love, and it has always seemed to help boost kitten confidence when they are returned to the nest after a trip out, so out they came.  Just for a hour or so.  They were as ok with being here at the office as they were being outside of their big blue box.  Mom (Juno) was a little anxious to get out of the carrier (I was a little afraid to bring just them as they might smell too different, and I was afraid to let her out of the carrier as she isn't the most reliable house guest) so we let her out.  I was surprised how well she did, I was certain she was going to create some sort of havoc.  My co-workers all thought she wanted at her babies, but I know better.  She likes nursing them, but that's about it...

Anyway.  they made eyes at the women I work with, and even tried out their new teeth, which they didn't find nearly as amusing as I did.  They then proceeded to fall asleep on my boss' desk.
After little more then an hour, I packed them back up and ran them home.  I'm only 10 minutes from work, but Juno decided she needed to vent her displeasure at being in a carrier in the grossest way possible.  She pooped and then proceeded to step in it, and share it with the kittens.  It was in the front of the carrier too, so it was almost impossible to get a kitten out with out adding insult to injury.  I did my best to clean them up before leaving to go back to work, hoping Juno would finish the job (ha ha ha she so totally didn't)

When I got home, I had three kittens who has successfully left the nesting box.  The tri and the two solid blacks.  The little tiger w/ white (I'm thinking of calling her Maru as she has a lot of the look, but really does lack the personality so I'm not sure) was quite frantic calling for her tricolored sister.  She would walk along the side of the box and keep looking out.  The boy had no interest in the outside world, he was totally content in the box.
I kept putting kittens back in the box to help encourage the last two remaining kittens to work out how to get out of the box. but they would jump right back out (ok climb and fall) and nothing was gained.  The little tiger was really wanting to get out, but she could just not make the leap, mentally or physically.  I am pretty sure she was afraid more then anything else.

I was a little concerned about the free roaming kittens, and litter box habits.  Since I found all the urine in the bedding over the weekend, and stimulating them showed they had full bladders at that point, I figured mom was totally done with that job.  I pulled out a kitten sized box and filled it with clay litter and plopped a black kitten in.  Of course there was the obligatory play, and then the taste test, but then she seemed to settle down.. was it??
Why yes, it is!!

and so did the other two, with almost no prompting!! yea!! (amazing how kitten litter box habits are so important).  The tabby still wanted out, and I thought if she would use the box, I'd help her out, so I picked her up and put her in the box.  Well she then proceeded to tell me she wanted out of that box too!  then she realized it felt different on her feet, and went to investigate.  More taste testing ensued, and soon she ended up with a mouth full of litter.. silly kitten
It took about 10 more minutes for her to figure it out, but eventually she went pee in it as well.  So that left the boy all alone in the box.  He didn't care, he was having a grand ol time.  I tried popping his sister in with him, and he was happy to see her, but it did not help him out..

So I tried the litter box trick with him.  Figured maybe he just didn't care much.  So I put him in the litter box, and after a little coaxing (ok so I stimulated him to help him get the picture) he ended up settling down and urinating.  He didn't do the usual stance, with the tail out, so I wasn't sure, but the then moved and *actually covered!!!*  He was the only one.. odd that the one completely clueless kitten I have (and trust me, the comparisons to Tweedle have already been made) was the only one to actually cover.

after some more playing, and some more nursing, I plopped them back in the box to see if the boy and the tiger could /would work their way out.

Iz not halpin! I just happened by!
no such luck.Unfortunately I am not really sure how I left it.  I thought I had them all out of the nest when I left for the night, but when I checked in on them in the morning the poor boy was all alone in the nest, and from the looks of things the other four had been nursing until I disturbed Juno and she got up in hopes of food.  These kittens are at that dangerous age of cuteness where I swear I am going to be late for work every single day (which is not good as my boss is out of town and I have to open!)
You can't leave, I'm just too cute!


  1. Hurrah for successful litter box use! Even with a bit of stimulation. LOL. I always figured the momma cat would show her babies what to do, but I guess not.

    Oh, yes, I'd be SO late for work if I had little babies in the house!!

  2. Normally the kittens learn by mimicing mom, and until they start eating solid foods, the mother will take care of all bathroom needs. Unfortunately Juno didn't get that memo. She feeds them, but I've found them with full bladders too many times to leave this to chance. Last thing I want is kittens peeing where ever they are when their bladders are full :)

  3. Hi Connie!
    Your little ones are sooo precious.

    I'm a singer/songwriter/creative type and avid catlady who fosters kittens on a regular basis.
    While I was singing one of my songs with my ukulele, Lady Peanut left playtime and sat next to me quite fascinated.
    I grabbed the camera and made this little music video. I'm trying to pass it around to other catpeople
    who might find it entertaining and enjoy my music.


    Please feel free to pass it on, post it, love it, spay it.

    Regards and catnip,
    Sarah Donner



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