Thursday, October 28, 2010

Color me confused

*warning, soap box rant about pet food*

Ok, so I'm reading the November issue of LHJ, and on page 174, there is a red box in the "Health Buzz" column called "Pet Food Warning" letting you know that serving your cat or dog kibble could make you sick because of salmonella on the food.  The precautions? using a scoop, washing your hands, disinfecting any kitchen surface food has come in contact with.


If you hear about salmonella in raw food, they immediately recall it and vilify raw once again as something that will kill your pet..(ok, I'll admit it, I couldn't find a website saying raw food will kill your cat at the moment, but I saw them over and over when I started on raw food a few years ago for my kitties dealing with diabetes and those with urinary crystals)  (well there is this, but it is yahoo answers after all )



I'd like to say something pithy about this, but honestly don't understand it.

Just reminds me too much of the argument against raw milk.  Now I don't drink it, but I have been hearing more and more about how the FDA is totally against it.  I totally get wanting milk pasteurized, I do.  But if someone wants raw milk, with some minimal regulation to ensure it is fresh, they so should be able to buy it, and not have the FDA raid stores guns drawn.  Yes, both have a slightly higher risk then the convention, but both can be perfectly safe, and should be a viable option.

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