Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awakened by cats

So this morning I was having a rather odd little dream about gold and pirates and shopping for a desk for DH. While "shopping", I felt kitten feet on me, and realized I was having a "visitation" and I woke up to see who it was. Muffin had already woke me up earlier. She enjoys sleeping on my pillow, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of not stepping on my hair, so I had already thrown her off the bed prior to the pirates.

This one turned out to be Fleurp, who sat on my hip and purred at me. I realized there was someone else snuggled into my other hip, and figured it had to be Muffin. After a moment of waking, I realized someone else was walking over me, and thought it was Jack. Then I heard Ollie grump, and thought it must be him. I realized it was him when he turned and started licking my cheek. All I could think of was he must have had a bad dream (like when your kids come and wake you up at night) because Ollie really isn't a licker. I'm not sure if he knows his time is limited, and that his growth is back on his knee or not but I like to think not.

Anyway.. he grumped at Muffin because she dared be somewhere he wanted to be prior to his wanting to be there, which is very much his way. But he ended up making himself comfortable on the pillow that was on my right shoulder.

Jack stopped by and crawled up on my left shoulder for a few minutes, but saw Ollie wasn't in the mood so he left. Skippy came and crawled up on my shoulder completely and snuggled down... so I have Muff on one hip, Fleurp on the other, and Ollie and Skippy on my shoulders, I was starting to feel a little bit like Gulliver.

It is so nice to be so loved, but I do kinda wish they wouldn't all do it at the same time..

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