Monday, November 15, 2010

What fun

 Apparently my camera case is FASCINATING!!
 Mom is a lot of fun too
as was this little tear in the linoleum.  we bought some cheap linoleum to put down over the foam tiles to help keep the kitten claws from tearing it up, and to make it easier to sweep up litter.  When we moved the futon in, we ended up creating a little tear.  I thought we would be ok for a while, apparently someone else had other ideas.  I hate the idea of tape over it, but I'm not quite ready to replace it yet (probably the spring) as the room is full of kittens.   I just find it fascinating what each new set of kittens will find that will interest them.  After fostering for eight full years, you'd think that room would be kitten proofed to death, but yet they still find new ways to get into trouble.

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  1. LOL! I'm not sure any place could ever be "kitten proof!" I've never had the experience of having tiny kittens around (in my own home, I mean), all my adoptees were older when they chose me, so I would find it daunting to try and make my house (or even one room) completely safe!


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