Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kitten Time



Kif after eating dinner

And the two nameless kittens.. You better hurry up and decide on something!!

A name?

 Because DH suggested I name you Olive and Oil
yea, I don't like that..   I'm just going to quietly sit over here.
So anyone want to suggest something other then Olive and Oil before those two names stick!!  Maybe Pip and Squeak?


  1. I'm terrible with names, but Pip and Squeak are better than Olive and Oil! LOL!

    What about Googling "cat names?" There are a zillion. :-)

  2. I think I have Halloween on my mind (and my little pet raven) but I like the names Raven and Poe! Nevermore!

    ps: You should leave your linky at the Cat Blogosphere so more bloggin' cats can find you!

  3. ooh.. Raven and Poe.. might work. I'll run it by them when I get home!


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