Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ollie's in "prison"

Poor boy, locked up, suffering the indignities of sleeping on the master bed all by himself.  With only a plate full of gooshey goodness to satisfy his hunger, and sunbeams he does not have to fight anyone in order to sleep in..

How will he ever over come these indignities??   Well it won't come with out quite a bit of swearing on his part that is for darn sure.

The "oh mom, how could you!!", and the "LET ME OUT NOW!" Nefh's he's been spouting my way since his incarceration started.  Not even the privilege of the gooshey food helped, as I got sworn at last night to almost no end.  It started because he wanted out, continued with "what the heck is that for dinner!!" (more raw) ended with "get out of my spot" at which point started ignoring him and he settled back down.  He ate his dinner and got more gooshey food.  For breakfast he got even more gooshey food this time with pumpkin mixed in half of it.

So why the prison act?  Well someone has been pooping and it has had blood on the outside of it.  The first time I was concerned but not stressed.  The second time I became a little more stressed, and I felt the need to figure out who it was.  Since the first time was on the carpet, I am assuming it is Ollie (as someone poops on the carpet, and I caught Ollie doing it once).  Might be that one was him and the other was someone else (the perils of a multiple cat home is the who is doing what and trying to catch them in the act) or even slimmer chance neither one was him  *shrug*  but since he still has tumor in him, and what not, I felt the need to know.  He has his stubborn way about him of refusing to do anything while locked up.  Fortunately he's more inclined when he's locked in a "suite" of more then one room, and he is eating and has peed.  I am pretty sure he has to poop and just doesn't want to.  If he doesn't by tonight, I'll let him out and watch him like a hawk and see what happens.

I weighed him on Monday.. 8lbs 15 oz, so he is holding his weight, which is good.  I can't seem to email my holistic vet though, which is not good.  Actually I can get to her, but she can't seem to get to me through any of my emails, which is odd since i have my own domain email, a yahoo one, a gmail one and my work address.  She has Yahoo..

Other then this mysterious blood thing, which might not even be him, he's doing great.  Everyone else in the household also seems to be doing well.  Muffin's lip has returned to normal.  Fleurp is doing well and still has her round Buddha belly.  Skippy has greatly reduced his sneezing... and everyone has recovered from the "trauma" of Halloween costumes :)

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