Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Yes, I admit it, I buy clothes for my kitties.  Even considered getting up super early to run down to Target to pick up a few additional Halloween costumes on clearance (but at least I didn't) {yet}

Often we go out on Halloween and walk among the crowds to see the kids in costume.  We don't get kids at the house (and even when we used to at the other house they were rude kids who silly stringed our stuff) and we certainly do not need the candy at our house.

But it was cold last night, and neither one of us could muster up the energy to bundle ourselves up to go out, so we stayed home and ate "Halloween" cinnamon rolls, and watched "The Event" (we are almost caught up)

but I could not resist breaking out the costumes, and having a smidge of fun.  Everyone got lots of love and they forgot the indignities shortly after the camera was put away (those that could not forgive me did not show up)

Ollie - since it is only laid on his back, he was ok with it

Fleurp the round little pumpkin

Fleurp - it's nice that she puts up with me

Jack, The Pumpkin King

I love the paw out in invitation

Fleurp, my little angel.
"Lucy always said, wear a costume in direct contrast with your personality" Muffin whispered

MOM!!.. it is a good thing I LOVE you!!

Twee does not do well with new things

a quick shot before the rescue
Kit modeling her party dress

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  1. Man, you guys had better have gotten mega treats for putting up with that! ;-D


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