Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Cat Day on Earth – Think About It

CatLadyLand tweeted this morning about Sparkle; the award-winning author, supermodel and cat.  Sparkle has a blog and created a post that made me cry. My poor husband walked in and saw tears streaming down my face and tried to fix the situation.  Poor Fleurp had to suffer the indignity of being thrust at Momma for a hug, and the indignity of being snuggled against her will.

There is a very powerful video that is well done, and the message does need to get out there.  If you go, make sure you have tissues.

and I hope it moves you to donate a little something to your local shelter for their spay neuter programs.

11/14/10 11:00 PM GMT - may we find homes for the homeless and shelters sit empty


  1. That made my Mommeh's eyes leak, too. Sometimes we think of how Harley lived for 6 months at the shelter before we adopted him, and we feel sad.

  2. Yes, I needed a lot of tissue after watching Sparkle's movie.

    I find it difficult to grasp how so many humans still don't *get* that spaying and neutering is the way to go, to prevent overpopulation and high euthanasia.

    On the positive side, I got word today that two kitty brothers at the Gananoque and District Humane Society, whom I've repeatedly sent in as the "cat of the week" feature for a local newspaper, were adopted *together*. All the happier because one of the brothers lost a leg as a kitten. It's taken a long time, but they, at least, have a forever home now.

  3. I'm starting to feel bad that my video is making all my friend cry today! But I hope it does make a difference for some kitties. Thanks for posting about it.


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