Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kittens' day out

The owner of the place I work is in town.  He's only there about half the year (two to three months at a time) and he's allergic to cats, so I can't bring the kittens in for a visit when he's in town.  So I thought it would be a good idea to bring them in to the shelter to be weighed, and they decided to also do vaccines and deworming.

Kif is at weight at 2lbs 8 oz.
Maru is right behind him at 2lbs 7 oz. 
aka little furry bricks :)

Poe is the smallest at 2lbs even
Maxie was right close at 2lbs 2 oz.
Raven was in the middle at 2lbs 4 oz.

They are going to be scheduled to be neutered hopefully the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  If the vet who does them won't be doing surgery that day, they'll wait till the next week.  I was thinking Id prefer them to go sooner as we are having about 30 people over for turkey day (yes, 30, yes, all of DH's immediate family) and there will be a ton of kids, and I know containing them will be difficult, but I just realized while typing this I do not want them at the shelter on Thanksgiving day.

It was offered that I bring Juno back early, and I think I'll take them up on that.  She is beyond OK with not being with the kittens any more.  Sometimes she plays with them, but I think she is fearful she'll hurt them, so for the most part she just sits around ignoring them.  And keeping her in the kitten room during turkey day... that would be something I wouldn't be able to stop worrying about.  the kittens I can put in the cage, Juno would not stand for it.  She HATES being in a cage (or a carrier)

I also decided to bring down some steak for the kittens to try.  Once again Juno totally got it, and tried to steal it away.  Raven and Maxie also got it rather quickly.  Kif wanted to sniff it extensively, and Maxie kept stealing it.  Maru took some time catching on, and when she finally did she became very protective of her prize.  I still just love growly kittens.  Poe just did not catch on at all.  I ended up sitting with them for about an hour.  I was cold, so I curled up in a blanket, and Poe crawled up in the blanket with me, it was so cute.

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  1. Aww, growly kittens! The more vocal kittens and puppies are the better, as far as I am concerned. Their noises are just so cute.

    I hope you can get the situation to work out so it suits your needs best.


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