Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I got an email, the kittens are scheduled for their surgeries on 12/1. I'm a little sad they won't be in their new homes for Thanksgiving, but it will be nice for me to have them, and maybe playing with all the kids will be good for them.

I did bring Juno in this morning. The shelter is light on cats (not packed to the gills anyway) so maybe she'll find a home sooner. It was a little hard on me, separating the family but I kept reminding myself a) she was done being a mom when they got out of the box and b) they have to be separated eventually, no one is going to adopt the entire family. This is good for her as she is a kitty of adventure who hates being confined anyway. She was getting restless in the kitten room, and now she gets the view of the great big bay window overlooking a big field beyond the parking lot that I'm sure will have great interest to her with all the people coming and going.

I watched her after we put her in the community room. There were three other cats in there, and she appeared to ignore them (I'm sure she was keeping a keen eye on them while being nonchalant) After looking around the room several times she settled down to look out the window. As I left (I ended up parking directly in front of that window) I went to her to say bye, and she was trying to look around me to view the field. I'm sure she is going to be just fine.

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