Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Fairs

So we went out and about this weekend, enjoying the crafts and baked goods of the local church fairs.  It is one of our holiday rituals, and we came home with piles of cookies, and some really nice mittens that were recycled out of cashmere sweaters.

I saw this and could NOT resist.  I'm not so much a fan of the blanket itself.  Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice afghan, but it just really isn't me.  But it was the sign that sold it.

HandMade.  But was slept on by a long hair gray cat before she could get it here $10
 it wasn't just that it was slept on by a cat, and it wasn't that it was slept on by a long hair cat.  It was slept on by a long hair gray cat.  I mean the detail of this sign tells me that the cat is very much loved (but probably a total pain, since it slept on an afghan that was destined for a woman who is highly allergic)  I ended up leaving it at the fair, but a quarter of a mile down the road I had to turn around and get it.  Told the woman who sold it to me that it was the sign that sold it (hence my now having the sign) and to tell the woman that her cat sold the quilt.
 This was a hand drawn card I could not resist.  It's going into frame on the mantel for the holiday
 My happy mittens.  I spent way too much for them, but cashmere is the only thing that keeps my feet warm, so I figured they would keep my hands warm.
 One fair makes turkeys for Thanksgiving since their fair is always the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We have a growing collection :)
Kit is currently snuggled up to DH.  She just loves him beyond reason


  1. I loved the sign on the afghan. :-)

    Looks like you had a great time, lots of fun/neat stuff.

    And that photo of Kit snuggled up is just so precious!

  2. I couldn't have resisted the afghan either. Too lovely. :-) And those mittens look wonderfully warm. Thank you for sharing your great finds!


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