Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey Fleurp

 What's so interesting?

There's a mouse under here mom
Muffin comes to check it out
 Not that kind of mouse mommy, my favorite toy mouse, with the stuffing falling out.  Can you get it for me?

Mousie!  there is no getting away from the Fleurp!!

A thank you mom cuddle
 She's such a cutie and really is one of the best snuggler I have.  I flomped her over on her belly and found her belly button. I found one on Jack when he was licking his belly bald, I was a little surprised to find hers, as I haven't found one on any of my other kitties.


  1. Look at that floof! WOW!

    Moms can be good at retrieving mousies and other toys, provided they can find where we've put them, of course! :-)

  2. My human is not so good at finding our toys - usually we find them ourselves and she wonders where they came from!

  3. Most of our toys eventually end up under furniture and every morning, our Mommy finds 5-6 toys next to the bed or on the bed that we bring to her at night...Such cute photos and Fleurp is a real sweetheart=love all her beautiful floof and what a cute belly button!!...We are trying to catch up with our wonderful friends on the weekends; our Mommy's new job, along with her part time one, makes it difficult to visit during the week now...We hope you all enjoy a fun weekend together, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. My mum is not very helpful at finding belly buttons or mousies at the moment.


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