Thursday, January 27, 2011


She wanted to play pretty badly, so I spent some time playing with her. She was adopted this evening and since she was already spayed she went right home.

There was a bit of a to-do at the shelter as several of the windows were leaking.

While I hung out with Peter and Tinsel, they let me know they were hungry. I went and got a can of food for them, and they started chowing down. There were several other kitties that showed up wanting food too, but they are adults and I was sure they had gotten enough earlier. I don't know what dry food they put in the room with them, but I was a little confused by it. I know first hand they don't feed the dogs the dry foods with lots of food coloring and excessive sugars, (one staff said some of those foods had HFCS in it) but the food down in the room was very brightly colored. Don't know if the cats have the same standards but they were using it because that was all they had on hand, or if they don't have the same standards for cat food. Will have to talk to someone about that.

but then again, they still think dry food is equal to canned food in every way. I've tried, but I don't want to be the crazy cat food lady. So I donate canned food when ever I can, and donate money for canned food. (but then again they buy Iams, which they are so happy about - but I personally don't think Iams is all that great since I can't seem to get foster kittens to eat it, not to mention the ingredients)

So they are still at the shelter in a room that's leaking. I just hope they don't get curious as to what the buckets are for and knock them over :)

(this post has a horrible rambling feeling to it. I'm sorry, I guess I'm even more tired then I thought I was. Hope it made some semblance of sense)

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