Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since Peter and Tinsel and I were all home yesterday, I spent almost two hours with them watching NetFlix.  While they weren't on me the ENTIRE time, they spent just about 1:50 minutes on me PURRING at full volume.

When I first walked in, Tinsel - unabashed at asking for scritches - climbed right up on me and flomped down taking up as much of my chest as he could.  Looking at me adoringly, purring like a motor boat, I couldn't help but give him the attention he wanted.  Peter worked his way up and sat on my lap looking at us, and I couldn't help myself.  I sat up and grabbed him and snuggled him into my chest.  Well Tinsel wasn't done, and he flomped himself down on top of Peter, using him as a pillow.  It was downright adorable seeing their two faces side by side both of them purring, being just so happy and with most of Peter being hidden by Tinsel.

Peter eventually got up and walked away.  He snuggled down next to Tinsel for a while, then back to my lap.  at one point he got up and had a snack, then came back.  Tinsel was still occupying my chest, and Peter was apparently sick of his being a hog, because he came up and laid down on top of Tinsel.  Seemed turn about was fair play.  These two boys are so different from one another, but they make it work, it's down right adorable.

Then this morning at 5 minutes before the alarm went off (DH gets up an hour or so before I do) I felt a cat paw on my face.  Someone was on my chest/side and someone else was trying to eek out a spot next to me and had to do so by walking over my head.  Well the footing didn't work out, and I got stepped on.  I am NOT a fan of that, so I tried to figure out who it was.  Patting the head made me think Kit because it seemed small and petite.  But a quick trip down the flank revealed it was Ollie.  I had "helped" the kitty off my face, and immediately felt bad.  Ollie doesn't have the best balance these days, but fortunately it had gone OK and he was now next to me looking for attention.  I pushed Muffin off my side (because a. she is ALWAYS there and b. I knew that eventually Ollie would be unhappy at sharing the space) and woke up enough to pat him.  This time he wanted me to only pat the top of his head and down the back of his neck.  Each time I tried to pat the front or sides of his neck (where he wanted it last time) he became annoyed. He didn't lift or move his head to help the scritches to his neck like he did last time, so I finally just settled for patting his head.  We were like that for almost half an hour.  Muffin and Jack joined in the fun, and it was nice to have them all together.  When DH finally got out of bed, Ollie left.  Yesterday he came looking for attention to.  He was happy to have me kiss his head, and it was so nice to be able to make him happy especially since he's not usually a fan of PDA.  He puts up with me giving him kisses much as I would assume a middle school boy would put up with his mother.

This morning I left him in the bedroom with several different kinds of food since I felt so bad at how small he felt.

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