Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former Fosters - Raven Poe and Kif

I went to the shelter again tonight to see Peter and Tinsel and saw posted on the update board a letter. I like to read the letters and look at the photos, and I was half way through it when a little light bulb went off in my head. I asked myself, how many people named a kitty "Kif".. that has GOT to be mine.. Then Raven and Poe hit home, and I couldn't stop smiling.

I don't often get updates. It is sad that people forget that someone loved their kitties before they did. (Even when I used to stand there and cry over them as they left and wish them well and ask for updates) but it seems I'm getting more lately.

Unfortunately there was no photos attached to the letter. Don't know if they were or weren't sent in.. But here is the blog post with their "adopt me" profiles

Jan 16. 2011

Hi Good People at AWS

Here's an update on our 3 great kittens we adopted on December 4th.

We renamed Poe, Raven and Kif. They are now Abby, Ziva and Tony!
RAFL - I love NCIS

They are truly a joyous, smart, exhuberant and creative bunch!

Abby is the smallest and is cautious but loving on her own terms
(must be Poe)

Ziva is fearless andcurious and has a very loud motor!

Tony wears his tuxedo front with style and is a non-stop mover and shaker and lover!

Our resident 12 year old Stella is beginning to feel a little like a kitten herself when she's not helping to keep them in their places and assert her queenship.
The babies think everything she does is to die for!

These guys are friendly, sweet and very trainable thanks to a superb fostering job before they came to us.

THANK YOU to all!

Barbara and Jackie

awwww.. I so wish I could write back and beg for photos.. But I'm so happy to get the letter..

and for anyone counting, this is the third set of triplets I've had adopted (that I know of) I'm loving that kittens in pairs are getting so popular that people don't think triplets is considered weird. (btw, have I mentioned how much I LOVE Barbara and Jackie for adopting triplets? they rank right up there with the woman who adoptedHappiness and Joy. I couldn't find the post, but they were a very skittish bonded pair. Happy was more outgoing then Joy. Joy was bordering on feral because of being caught later in life, then going back to the shelter and being adopted and then returned. She was under a lot of stress and was constantly sick. Someone had been in a few times and had seen them, and finally took them home because they were breaking her heart. I can't tell you how much I want to track her down and give her a hug. Actually now that it has been a few years, I'd love to hear how they have changed and blossomed into the loving cats I knew they would become in the right home. Joy was almost out of her shell when I had to return her for adoption... I knew it would work out.

I'm rambling. Guess that is what comes of thinking of my former fosters.

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