Thursday, January 6, 2011

tough morning

I talked to the vet about Ollie.  We are starting Pred and a pain medication for him.  He got his first dose last night.  This morning he didn't want his raw.  So we locked set him up in the bedroom with his raw, some dry, and two different cans of wet food (one chunky one loaf)  He had a few nibbles of the dry, and a few of the chunky, and then sat by the door to leave.  *sigh*  I hate locking isolating him, but I hate the idea of his going all day with out food more.  Cause there isn't a morsel of food that won't be consumed by the garbage disposal Muffin, the dishwasher Jack or the mini garbage disposal Fleurp.  Those three would eat the house down if I wasn't careful.  Muffin in particular is getting worse.  I can't help but wonder if she doesn't have an actual problem not feeling full because she'll chase food relentlessly despite having just been fed.

Hopefully he's just having a morning. Which is fully possible. But with the passing of @Mulder_Cat.I'm a little sensitive.

Twee is still tails down.  I stroked her tail last night, she didn't seem to care.  There is definitely a lump where it turns down.  I tried to see if there was movement in the end of her tail, and it does seem that there is.  It is not much more then a twitch, but she has never been overly expressive with her tail to begin with, so I just need to relax and not worry so much about it right now.

I'm one of those people who are hyper vigilant about their kitties, but considering what has happened in the past, I have good cause to.  But I need to remember that sometimes being so can be more harmful.  I just need to be very grateful for what I do have at the moment, and let tomorrow wait till tomorrow.

I think I'll set myself up for some good Tinsel therapy tonight.  He's such a funny loving sweet little boy.  He loves a good flomp and belly rub.


  1. Lots of hugs and Light and purrs from us all. The mom is paranoid about us, right now about Annie, as you know, and yeah, that doesn't serve much good and only stresses her out.

    We hope Ollie eats a good amount today and feels better with the Pred and pain meds, poor sweetie.

    We hope Twee is okay too!

    It never ends...Sometimes the mom wonders if she ever will adopt again, it's so hard on the heart and mind when things are amiss. But we know she'd be lost without at least one or two four-legged companions!

  2. I am always VERY concerned about my cats, I think I drive Robert crazy sometimes. It is so hard when they are failing or ill and we are unable to help! I hope Ollie feels like eating soon and the prednisone kicks in to ease things for him.

    Poor Twee, I think her tail situation is odd, fngers crossed she will improve and be able to lift it up again.


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