Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Former Fosters - Buffy Zander and Oz (now Spike)

I do wish that I could see them in person again soon.  I emailed their new owner and begged for updated pictures.  Buffy Zander and "Oz" were fosters I had this June.  They came to be almost too small to be with out a mom.  There was some question if they were getting enough nutrition from food alone, and each one took a turn being quite lethargic and miserable.  Poor Buffy was the last and the worst.  She was quite anemic and ended up at the emergency clinic in an O2 tank trying to get enough oxygen in her system to keep her going while her blood repopulated itself.  We are still not sure why she became so anemic, but a round of antibiotics and some good food and she was right as rain.  Her owner reports she is doing just fine, and keeps the "boys" in their place.  I got to see them shortly after they were adopted, and I couldn't have been happier with their placement.

When they got here
Buffy on her trip back from the vet

And here are some of the photos I got when I emailed her.

Buffy - I'm guessing



I think this is Zander, but it could be Buffy
This is most definitely Oz (now Spike)

I love that last photo of Spike.. and the flomped out one of Zander and his belly in all it's glory.

Warms my heart

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