Wednesday, January 26, 2011

back to the shelter

 So I went back to the shelter tonight to spend time with Peter and Tinsel.  They weren't in the cage I put them in, but their cage cards and the write up I did for them were still on the cage.  I checked with the staff and they put them in one of the community rooms.

While looking for them I met a few other kitties.  The pretty black kitty (the eyes photo) from before is named Shaq surprisingly enough.  

No card, so no name, but very sweet. Look at that belly

"Glory"  has mild CH and VERY soft fur
 Then I found my boys.  They were out playing when I looked through the window, but when I went in, Peter ran and hid
Peter's tail.  When I walked in the room he hid

Then he realized it was me, and came out

He liked the tower

What one does...

the other follows

right to the food bowl

1 comment:

  1. It's good that the kitties gets some 'community room' times! Looks like a great shelter!

    We cross post to you today!
    Love TK and Squashies


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