Friday, January 14, 2011

my day in pictures

So it started out with Ollie in the laundry basket.
He spent the night in the bedroom with us and no other kitties, and he was completely content to stay that way.  He urinated but did not poop, so I left him with some food and went to work.

Took the fosters with me for another outing (and because there was a request for a visit) 
That Tinsel, he's something special

even Peter was out exploring
 They looked about the office for a while, meowing to one another when they got separated.  They then settled down in their best hiding spot.  This one is pretty clever as it is behind a door that is generally open and amidst boxes we use for shipping.  Apparently he likes shipping boxes, because he hid in one last time he was there, and when we couldn't find him later in the day, he was back in one of those.
I was proud of both of them.  Tinsel was a little mouthy and did chew through a pair of speaker wires.  Don't know if he is prone or if he's just teething.

Came home to Ollie still in the laundry basket and still haven't eaten, but he did poop in the box which was encouraging.  He wasn't interested in the food I gave him.  So I let the crew in to clean it  up, and to see how they would interact.  He wasn't thrilled with the "intrusion" and jumped out of the basket and left.  I went and looked for him a little later but I couldn't find him.  I was so sure we'd be making that call..

Then this
He's up on the bed, giving me attitude, licking plates clean, and even ate with the rest of the crew.

If he could only just talk to me, so I wouldn't have to guess..

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