Saturday, January 15, 2011

looks like it will be Monday

as long as he holds steady, and doesn't take a turn for the worse, we'll bring him into the vet first thing on Monday.

The shelter will help him if we need it, but I can't see bringing him in there and having him deal with the stress of that in his current state.

He's currently in the solarium near the tree (he always loved the Christmas tree, so I didn't have the heart to take it down) with Tweedle.  She's being very good to him, being there but not intruding. 

I know this isn't the most ideal of subjects, so my apologies for the dark turn this blog took.  But it is a part of owning a pet, and as I said in my last rambling post a lot of people wonder what to expect in the end with their pets.


  1. Lots of purrs and purrayers and hugs and Light. We wish Ollie a gentle, peaceful passing to the Bridge and wish you comfort.

  2. I remember learning this at a CE seminar and it has helped me and helped me counsel clients when their pet has a health issue that is both chronic and terminal: Keep a journal (which blogging kind of is) and when out of 7 days, there are 4 good days and 3 bad days, it is time. Don't wait until there are 4 bad days and only 3 good days...they depend on us to be their health care advocate.

    Sometimes this decision is taken out of our control but if we look back at our journals we can see the decline long before we want to believe it.

    Our thoughts are with you during this most difficult of times...

  3. I am sending you gentle purrs and headbutts. We all know how tough this is for you.


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