Monday, January 31, 2011

change of venue

Well I went back to work today, so I didn't get to spend any time during the day with Peter and Tinsel.  I decided to go home after work, and call and see if they were adopted instead of heading right over.  Turns out that was a good idea because the boys had been taken out of the shelter and brought up to PetSmart's adoption center. 

I was going to not go up and see them, because frankly I'm starting to feel a little obsessed, but then I realized that with the snow coming in, I most likely won't be able to go see them until Thursday.

There was the evening clean up staff there, so I was able to get in to snuggle them.  Once again I was told how much they loved me and how I should bring them home..

Jack is not amused by that idea.  Not in the least..

They didn't get the large play area, but they did open up the connector between two cages, so they have some stretching out room.  I think this will be good for Peter, because it won't be so overwhelming when someone comes forward to see him.  In the shelter the door would have to open, and that would cause him to run.  It was why I originally put them in a cage.  The community room they were in gave them more room to be a kitty, but also more spaces to hide.  The way the cages are set up at PetSmart, people can walk by or walk up to and see the cats but not be intrusive.  As I walked up, Tinsel was playing with a toy and Peter was watching
Peter noticed me when I called him

They both really enjoyed the attention I was able to give them.  Tinsel fell right into my arms and laid on his back and you could almost feel the bliss he was feeling.  Peter gave me a few licks which made me smile.

Btw, mawiesner they like other kitties are are also on the East Coast.  Southern Maine to be specific.


  1. That must be hard for you. I hope they get wonderful homes quickly. Hugs, Deb=^..^=z5

  2. Cool! Don't know why I thought you guys were on the West Coast. Still a bit of a distance from southern VA. :( Again... if I didn't already have 2 kitties, I'd snap those two up! Such sweeties they are. I hope they find their family soon.

  3. I wish so badly I could adopt Peter. I'm here on a student visa and am fighting to stay, and don't want to adopt him because I have to move often and might have to leave the country. It makes me so sad; I've fallen in love with Peter and hate that it's so hard for shy cats to get adopted! But in the meantime, I foster short-term kittens :)

    And I really hope that Peter and Tinsel find homes. They will always love and remember their first mommy who pulled them out of the shelter and first showed them love.

  4. They are so cute, I'm sure they will find a safe and loving home soon!!! They have come so far :-)


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