Sunday, January 23, 2011

At the Shelter

Well this one was a hard one on me.  I vowed I would stop taking only kittens because I become so attached, and I apparently forgot all about that.  Even with Tinsel, I couldn't help become attached, especially with all the snuggling and purring they liked to do.  They were of great comfort when my heart was breaking, and it broke again when I had to pack them up and bring them down, and again when I had to leave them there. 

Knowing it is the right thing, doesn't make it easy.  As much as I would love to keep them, the crew needs a little stability right now and my attention.  Jack (at least I'm 90% sure it is him but I don't see him every time so I could be wrong) is still having issues and peeing on the heater from time to time.  I can't sacrifice his happiness to keep them.  Someone is going to be very lucky adopting those two.  I just hope they are open enough to enjoy their love.  Too many times I've seen people who adopt (actually it is mostly surrendering) cats and not really want a cat.  Bear from a couple of years ago was a prime example of that.  Poor thing was almost afraid to be a cat.  I could see his spirit expand when he realized he was in a cat friendly home.

Anyway.... I can hope that anyone willing to adopt two kittens will be a great home.  And give them lots of love and kisses.

The shelter provides boxes in the cages for the kitties to sit in.  Tinsel came out of one of these cages, but he seemed a little freaked by being put back in one.  Peter... well lets just remember that Peter does not adapt quickly to new situations

 There was maybe half or even a third of the normal cat population at the shelter.  The dead of winter always thins out the available pets for adoption.  Not so many people out and about to find them, or people thinking a cat would be nice in the cold weather, or a combination of things.  This cutie here didn't have a card on the cage so I don't know who he/she is.  I just loved the eyes though.  Reminded me of Bear, but not as big. (but still a big kitty in his/her own right)
 This is Spencer.  He is a total flirt.  Kept trying to get me to give him some attention.
There was a six month old boy who was just adopted, so he had gotten quite a bit of attention before I showed up.  He was unhappy that he was still in his cage, and was crying.  Peter and Tinsel were interested in what he had to say, and came to the front of the cage to check it out.  I thought that was a good thing, as they weren't so freaked out that they didn't want to check things out.


  1. That's so sad, that these two have to go back to a cage.

  2. Nikki3:53 PM

    I am so sad that I can't take Peter or Tinsel. I hope and pray they'll both be adopted together, or failing that both go to separate loving, happy forever homes.


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