Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nikki asked

Where (which state/area) do you live, Connie? I've fallen in love with Peter. :) You should know, that is a challenge to me.. :)  I'm in Southern Maine, but I am willing to travel.  DH is heading to AZ in a few weeks as well.. 


  1. Oh, wouldn't it be fabulous if Peter found his forever home? You know that if you need transportation, the best thing to do is ask on the Cat Blogosphere -- I'm betting people would help out. They have for another rescuer, who lives in the mid-west of the US.

    Re: choices for health care, food, etc. -- it's always hard, we second guess our decisions, I think.

    Found an awesome site on CRF...a bit early for Annie on that, but it's down the road, maybe sooner, maybe later.

    Thanks, Connie. Good luck with Peter!

  2. Nikki3:05 AM

    Connie--I live rather far away from you :( I will get back to you, but I also have a close friend who I am trying to convince to adopt Peter if I can't! We both love cats. I am a fellow kitty fosterer and shelter volunteer, and I really love and appreciate what you do. Also, I've never said this before, but I read your blog when I'm tired and down about work and life in general. Thanks for all the pictures and cute kitty stories. They're worth more than even you know. :)


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