Tuesday, March 8, 2011


well this is "interesting" 

For the past few days I've noticed that Fleurp has found a new item to play with.  She likes clinking noises, and she's found rocks and shells to bat around.  But recently I've noticed that she has started playing with screws.  She finds them down in the workshop in the basement and she brings them upstairs and plays with them in the bedroom. 

Two days ago she found a drill bit... she was quite proud of herself and annoyed that we took it away from her.  DH joked that she might be iron deficient.  Considering her recent bout with anemia, I suppose I shouldn't have dismissed it, but I did.

This morning... another screw.

This evening?  She's digging around in the dirt of a plant.

I just weighed her, she isn't loosing weight.  so is she having issues, or was she just interested in looking at the plant that she hadn't paid attention to before?

So.. Guess we are just going to watch her and weigh her regularly and see if she goes after the dirt again.. If she is anemic again, I am quite scared to find out the reason..

No taking a pict of Fleurp with out me!!  says Jack
ME TOO!!! ~ Muffin
Finally.. a GFS.

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