Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I just couldn't stand it any more

So I called.

My vet is very good at calling when he is ready, and I felt pushy calling, but I couldn't focus any more, and I REALLY needed to use the ladies.. so I called, used the ladies, refilled my water glass (because my mouth was pasty) and here I am.

From the woman who answered the phone (a good friend of mine actually) (and OMG my spelling is atrocious.. good thing Firefox has spell check) "everything went well" and they are "doing fine" and I can head out to pick them up pretty quickly here.  Apparently the day was a little crazy - I knew they were doing a litter of puppies as well - and he just hadn't had time to call.

I'm still a little wound from the anxiety, and probably won't be myself until they get home.  But it looks like all went well :)


  1. We are glad they are ok. We wouldn't worry too much about the vet - we think they would rather have clients that are polite but concerned than the other way around. Give them get well kisses from us!!

  2. I'm glad they're fine! Don't worry about calling--I always do. I talked to the vet almost every day re: Annie, I was so panicked. And always after surgeries too...I can't stand to wait, I make myself sick with waiting.

    So take a deep breath, or maybe have a glass of wine or shot of something stronger tonight, if you drink. :-P

  3. It's time to relax a little for all involved. So happy to hear they did well. They look so cute.


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