Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chewing fingernails

the day I have dreaded for years is upon me.  I knew there would most likely be a day that we would need to sedate Tweedle after we adopted her, and today is the day.

For those new to the blog, Twee was a foster who had a severe reaction to two different anesthetics and died twice while trying to get her spayed.  The vet who saved her both times is doing her dental today.  He swears this new sedative he has is very safe.  And if she reacts to this too, I trust he will do everything for her.

This morning was interesting. Twee and Eli are my two squirrley cats.  When they suspect anything is going on (like nail trim day) they run.  Catching them when they have figured out something is going on is .... well it is like herding cats.  It can be done, but it is traumatic on all of us.  Fortunately Eli was playing King on the top level of the cat tree in the sun room and was loathed to move. I played it cool and acted like I was looking for anything but him. When I got close to the tree, he stood up, but it was too late to get away.  I had my hands on him and was picking him up before he could even get a "HEY!" squeak in. DH picked up Twee before Eli's protests started to bother her.  I slipped him in the carrier that was in the house.  She started getting spooked because he wouldn't shut up (can't blame him one bit) and I had to go outside for another carrier (the second carrier in the house can be escaped out of, and not ideal for either one of them.) 

So we had two cats sitting side by side in carriers.  Eli protesting in his squeak voice, Twee hunkered down wondering what was about to happen.  I gathered up the rest of my stuff for the day, and I asked my husband if he could take them out for me.  He said sure.  I asked if he was ready to take them out, and a big whining "NOOOOOOO" came forth.  I looked around wondering who was protesting, and it turned out to be Twee.  The timing was perfect, and despite their discomfort I smiled.

The ride down was no fun.  Squeak squeak squeak squeak the whole ride down, with a few mild meows from Twee.  I did fine until I turned down that last major road that the clinic is on.  About two miles prior to reaching there my heart started to tighten up and the stress and worry started roaring in.  I couldn't help but think that if the worst should happen, I will have lost all of my black and white kitties in just a few months. 

It won't.  They'll be fine.  My vet is wonderful.  My kitties are healthy, and in a couple of hours I'll have a $900 vet bill to pay.. fun fun and two more kitties with sparkling white teeth.

Speaking of teeth, for fun I bought some chicken drumsticks.  Most of my cats turn their noses up at them - they are too good to tear flesh from bone thank you very much (especially Muffin who won't even chew unground meat) but Skippy LOVES it.  He is such a little carnivore.. chewing on bones, running off with it to protect it.  It was so cute.  (well in a predator prey sort of way) Fleurp took another one.  We put down a third, but doubted anyone would chew on it.  Twee licked it.  Eli sniffed it.  Skippy showed up and ran off with it.


  1. Good luck and purrs to them both! If you're paying $900 for two cats' dental, you're getting a good deal. I pay that and more for just one. Derry's 9 extractions last June cost me just under $1200, including blood work and a UA before the procedure. The dental itself was over $900.

    Anyway, give us an update later if you can! Fingers and paws crossed!

  2. Good luck!!! I hope everything goes well and Twee will be okay....fingers and paws crossed!

    We had read somewhere that chicken bones can splinter and shouldn't be given to cats...however, I don't want to spoil anyone's fun :-)

  3. Paws crossed that everything goes well....we will be purring for you all....

  4. Connie, thanks so much for leaving your comment at Space Paws. I appreciated the "don't beat yourself up" because I am! If vet tech Jenn's advice doesn't pan out, I will try sliding the kittens under the bed. She said the same - if the kittens aren't making a racket they're probably OK.

    The crate is covered (one trick I did know! LOL!) and I haven't heard any mewing from the kittens, so hopefully mom is feeding them but just hiding when she hears me come down.

    I'll ask my nephew if he'd rig a kitten cam for me... that was an awesome idea!!

    Thanks again!

  5. One track mind!! Sheesh!

    Purrs to Twee & Eli for smooth sailing on the dental work. I always worry, too, when something major goes on at the vet and it always works out OK. Yes, it is amazing what we're willing to shell out for our furkids - but it's sooooo worth it!

  6. Hi Cat,

    Cooked chicken bones can splinter. My crew eats a raw diet, and I will occasion give them raw meat to chew on to work their jaw, to bring out their instincts (well those that have them left) and help clean their teeth. While it is not absolutely with out risk, it is fairly safe for them to chew on raw bones. Very little out there is absolutely with out risk.

    I do appreciate you mentioning it though.


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