Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Anniversery Petfinder

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

You know, I wasn't going to do this.. as I'm always hawking adoptable kittens, it just seemed so self serving.. (Cause you know Peter and Tin are still available.. )

but this is a good cause, and one more voice to the choir is a good thing..

And since I think it only fair I hawk a kitty that I have nothing to do with, and let the world know that exotic cats are available at shelters, take a look at Oliver

Oliver is a Selkirk Rex available in California.. (doesn't he look a bit like Santa?)

Then there is Corwin

Corwin is a Bengal.

Now granted, you have to take some of what is said with a grain of salt.  While looking for a good munchkin image I saw a munchkin/cook mix, which I have to say must look adorable, but the photos were pretty low quality.  It is a shame that there weren't better picts out there..   *shrug*

But the kitty you are looking for is out there looking for you right now..

and maybe, just maybe? they are a small cream and buff boy with an older solid black brother?


  1. We hope they all find homes soon!!

  2. Connie, I'd like to do more to promote the adoption of Peter & Tin... perhaps sending a tweet to some big names asking them to retweet, etc. But since I can only tweet 140 characters it would be best if I could direct people to a link. Is there one particular post on your blog that you think would tell their story/background best?


  3. Hi Mary,

    I can't seem to find your contact info, so hopefully you will see the above post.

  4. I got it, Connie! Great story!! (I had tears in my eyes reading it.) I've already tweeted it to some pretty big names who are animal lovers. If they retweet it, then it should get out fairly quickly (I hope). Keep your fingers crossed. :)

    Twitter ID: @MaryWiesner


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