Wednesday, March 9, 2011

letting go

this is going to be hard.  They have both become so snuggly, that it is a joy to go into the kitten room.  I get probably a full ten minutes of up in my face head buts and licks and snuggles before they start begging for food.  They lay on top of each other so that I can pat both of them with one hand.

They then switch off from playing to snuggling.  they take their turns snuggling with me too. 

*sigh*  their furever home better show up soon... like I show up at PetSmart and they are there..


  1. That is the worst part of fostering - you worry about them while you have them and then you worry about them finding the best family! Enjoy them while you can and good luck...

  2. Nikki2:08 PM

    I'm so, so, so heartbroken I can't take them. Ugh. Have you tried putting them on PetFinder? Maybe there aren't enough people coming to the shelter who want two kitties :(

    *hugs* You have been a wonderful foster mom and they will love you forever.


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