Monday, March 7, 2011

biding my time

Well Peter and Tinsel were done their medication on Friday.. I've kept them over the weekend to make sure things don't flair up.. I wonder how long I can keep them before it is no longer kosher.  Tinsel is fast approaching his six month birthday, and Peter isn't that far behind (at six months all cats at the shelter become free to adopt)  it is a bit of a shame that they haven't found a home before now.  For the past few days when ever I go to take care of them, they end up getting me to snuggle with them for at least 30 minutes.  Yesterday was a bit different.  I wish I had my camera with me at the time, because the two of them were playing with a furry mouse.  There is a black one and a red one in the room, and they both have to play with which ever one is in motion.  If I throw the other one in the mix so they each have one, it is out and out ignored (or the one they were playing with is ignored for the new one)  They were tossing it up in the air and trying to pounce it like it was a butterfly.. which means EVERYTHING was flying.  Once they even body slammed in the air.

They also take turns wrestling.  Peter will pounce on Tin, then Tin pounces on Petie. 

I so wish someone who would keep in touch would adopt them.  I tried to get @Scully_Cat 's staff to consider them, as there was some talk of kittens.. but alas Scully will have NOTHING to do with it.  She's completely content to be an only kitty.  I get that.  I was so certain that I wouldn't be able to add any more cats to my household when Em became an only kitty after Tig went missing (back in the days when I let my cats free roam - but that too has a long story) She not only made it perfectly clear she was an only cat, she put that thought in practice attacking the few kittens that came to visit.  We couldn't turn down Ollie though, and with proper introductions, she became very accepting of him.  Then when we added Jack, she was content to be queen.  By the time we added Twee, she was queen mom, enjoying licking and snuggling with Twee and the others.  I do think she was much happier because of the addition...

ugh.. I'm rambling.  Sorry..

I do wish I could keep them, but then I go up and spend time with my own crew and get covered with four to six cats and realize there really is just no room.  I know Skippy would LOVE them, mostly because Peter reminds me a lot of him in personality... that and he sits in the window to the kitten room every chance he gets and watches them.

Maybe Friday... Friday is do-able. 

Then I'll swap out the flooring in the kitten room (I put cheap linoleum down over the foam floor squares that we replaced this year. I like it a lot, but it already has a tear in it, so I'll buy a thicker piece this time) and sit and wait for kittens.  Often they don't come in force until June..

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