Saturday, March 12, 2011

the boys are back at PetSmart

they went yesterday. I didn't blog about it because I've come down with an odd bit of illness. My throat really hurts, but I have absolutely no other symptoms. I jokingly say it is my tonsils, because it kinda feels like it, but I would imagine if it was I would have a fever or something else going on. *shrug* I have a Dr appointment on Wednesday anyway, so if it is still around then, she can look at it.

So.. I brought the boys back to PetSmart after work on Friday. It was about 2pm. I went down into the kitten room to pack them up, and I think Peter knew, because he wasn't coming out and being social like he had be. Tin was out and about so I gave him a good snuggle and then stuck him in the carrier. I didn't want to go and pull Peter out from under the couch, so I let him come to me. It took a bit, and I had to pull out his favorite treats to get him to come out but he finally did.

The boys did make it a little easier for me to let them go... as they did their best to prove to me that my kitten proofed kitten room was not really kitten proof.
they pulled pieces out of a taped puzzle I have nailed to the wall
they chewed through the wires from the tv to the box so I had no sound
Peter's favorite treats
Jack Fleurp and Twee wondering what was going on
"Get out and STAY out!" Muffin no so nicely says goodbye

So I drove them over.  Peter was not very happy, Tinsel was a little concerned.  The two kitties there up for adoption were out of their cage for some exercise.  I put Peter and Tin in the large condo cage they had been in before.  I wasn't sure how they would do with the new kitties being so recently displaced, so I figured it was best.  The first kitty is "Squishy" who is anything but.  He is a very large muscular kitty.  it is a shame he has such a poorly done lion cut, but he really doesn't care.  He is quite regal, a large and in charge boy.  When I stopped by this morning to drop off another write up for the boys, he really gave off an air of being "His Royal Highness" which sounds so silly when followed by Sir Squishy.. so we just kept calling HRH.. which he loved very much.  The second kitty is Lilly.  She was a little more stand offish and not interested in me or the boys.  She observed for a while then wandered off to sit out of reach.

the boys feeling a little confused

 So when I stopped by this morning, Tinsel was doing just fine.  Ignored HRH, and was content to sit under the scratching post they have in there.  I got him playing, and he really enjoyed that.  Peter seemed upset.  Not sure if he was upset with me for not keeping him, or upset that he was in yet another "new place" and just hadn't adjusted yet.  I tried to snuggle him, but he wanted nothing to do with that, and went and sat high up in the condo.   I gave him a little cat nip, which he seemed to like, and left. 

I came home and slept most of the day, so I have no idea if they were adopted or not.  Probably not.  I have to go out and about tomorrow, so I might just check in on them again..


  1. I wish those boys would find a home already!

  2. I've posted a picture of Peter and Tinsel on my Facebook along with a link to your site. Hopefully someone in New England will see it and adopt them... or at least pass it on.

  3. Thank you Mawiesner. I went and peeked on them Sunday night, and they went another weekend with out getting adopted. :(


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