Sunday, March 27, 2011

I didn't think I would cry

I got the call today.  Peter was adopted.  A "nice family" with another kitty, and will be indoor only they say.

I'm sorry I'm not going to find out what was going on in his ears, and said as much to the shelter manager who called.  She said they could always call and follow up, which I would appreciate, because as I said, I have never seen anything like what happened to Peter's ears.

Tears are still streaming down my face as I type this.. I guess despite all my protests of adopting Peter, part of my heart screamed for him.  It is better, but being right doesn't lessen the pain.

I did download an app called Touch Cats.  I thought it would be really silly and I wouldn't enjoy it, but when I went to pick out a kitten and I saw a cream colored kitten, I "adopted" him and called him Petie (couldn't call him Peter for some reason)  I then adopted a black kitty and named him Tinsel, and I "play" with them and love on them.  It is quite funny as they act quite a lot like the real Peter and Tinsel, vying for attention, being silly, etc.

And the ironic thing is, I have more then once pushed away my own cats so I can play with my virtual cats.  I know how silly that is, so I try not to do that too much.  But I think it is something in the way the virtual cats meow that calls them to me

I took a little video.  Unfortunately it is not in focus, and I have no idea how to focus in close up on my flip cam.  But you can get the idea.  Petie is wearing a hat and Tinsel is wearing a shirt that I "won" by going on a "mission"   It is silly..


  1. I'm very happy for Peter! But I do understand your feelings. I'm sad that I won't be able to read updates about him and Tinsel. I kept trying to figure out a way that I could adopt Peter. I even contemplated booking a flight to Maine! But it wasn't realistic for me to do that, and with my current situation it wouldn't have been fair to Peter. So I am glad he was adopted and that he will have another kitty to keep him company. I just wish the new owners were online and could give us updates. :)

  2. I feel the same way as the previous poster. Kept trying to think of a way I could get Peter from Maine to Ohio, but financially it is not possible and I have 13 already, all rescued. I'm not a hoarder but I live in a renovated barn above a cat rescue and I am always asked to take ones who are having problems being socialized or have some sort of disability.Somehow they always end up staying, because when they try to reintroduce them into the population they go into a depression and hide. I prayed for Peter especially after Tinsel was adopted and he was alone, and then when I saw his ears and how red they were, it really bothered me. I think you would have liked to keep both of them but am assuming you couldn't, let us pray they both have good permanent homes now and will live long happy lives and that Peter's new owners will take him to see a vet if he continues to have problems with his ears.

  3. YAY for Peter, I'm so glad he found a forever home!!!

  4. did you not see I was willing to get him where he needed to go?!?! I mean I would have taken a really long road trip if it would have ment being able to get updates on him regularly..

    I should hush.. I'm often a worse kitten pusher then those who kept telling me I should adopt Peter.

    so if his new owners return him (like Skippy's did) who wants him? I don't mind getting on a plane!


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