Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outcome and first day pilling

So I went to get them.  My vet had to run out for an appointment.  I am not fully on board with the way he does check out.  He calls, so he feels he doesn't need to send the pets home personally.  Often I'm checked out by reception, they get me my cat and I should be off.  But I don't like that.  I want someone to walk me through the whole procedure, and what happened, etc.  I'm often so overwhelmed that my kitty is OK when my vet calls that I don't think to ask the right questions.  I get "they came through fine, they are waking up, come get them"   (he probably says more, but that is all I absorb)

I should make no apologies (but I do) for being a client that needs their hand held and tons of information.  I just like to be proactive and keep a handle on what is going on.

So the head tech came out.  Twee had no reactions this time.  They went back through her previous history and it turns out that according to the chart that she didn't have a reaction the second time they tried to spay her.  I distinctly remember being told that they rushed through the spay because of .... something.  Maybe, just maybe, they rushed because they were attempting to be cautious.  But I am much relieved that she was able to be sedated and NOT die..   She too had a broken tooth.  I lamented to the tech "What on earth are my cats breaking their teeth on?!?!" and for a few moments on the drive home I had to wonder if it wasn't the raw food.  It has ground bone in it.  But then I remembered that Em had a broken tooth years ago, and that was prior to her ever hearing about raw food or looking at a bone.  I know Jack most likely broke his trying to get into a treat container... so to me the raw is in the clear  (of course then I remembered that prior incidence with a different brand and the extreme issues my cats had, including getting a piece of bone being stuck ON their tooth..  *sigh*  but I guess what I mean to post, that it really doesn't matter what they eat, teeth break)

Eli did just fine.  No extractions, no major issues.   and he sang for me the ENTIRE way home.  By the time I got home with him, I had to wonder if he didn't have a sore throat..

I like to check in with my cats when they get home from surgery.  So I brought them in the house one at a time and tried to let them give me a good look.  Eli wanted NOTHING to do with what I wanted.  He was so squirmy and wriggly.  I felt bad, but I wanted to know what was going on.  A quick peek showed pearly whites with a little red at the gum.  They cleaned his ears up good, which is probably the first time they have been so clean in years. (his tear ducts are blocked, so he tends to have goopy eyes as his tears back up and drain through his ears)  They tried to clean his face off too which was nice.  When I let him go, he was off like a shot, and I didn't see him again till he woke me up this morning demanding attention (by rubbing his face on me)  I thought all was forgiven, and it probably was, but he was VERY wary when I attempted to sneak his medication into him via  pill pocket.  I distracted all of the other cats, then threw his treat near him.  He looked at me like he KNEW I was trying to pull one over on him, and he was NOT going to be fooled.  He sniffed it and walked away.  I got out some more pill pockets and threw empty pieces by him so he could see the other cats were interested in them (and oh boy were they) but he would not be tempted.  He would NOT BE FOOLED DARN IT!!  finally I gave up, and DH was able to snag him as breakfast was going down and he held while I pilled.  It went way easier then I thought it would.  When the vet called to check up on them, I inquired how important it was to pill Eli.  Fortunately it was decided that while he had some bleeding, everything went very well and there was no infections, so if it becomes too much of a quality of life issue, I can stop.  I'm going to try for at least three days.. we'll see (Eli spent the first six months of his life being medicated, and the next three years running from me when ever I walked into a room because he feared he was going to get more.  I know after a while he didn't know why he was running, so I started him on Rescue Remedy and it helped him break that fear response.  But to this day he's still very cautious about our "doing anything to him"  He asks for attention, but if we attempt to love on him, you can just see him thinking something else is going to happen and he runs)

Twee also was not amused at the once over.  The place where her tooth was removed looked a little angry.  She was out and about in the evening.  She was quite goofy as well, so I think she was a little loopy from the sedative.  This morning she didn't come out for the treats (she's not very food motivated, but "hand full of dry food on floor" is something she does participate in) so I was a little concerned.  DH found her, and I pilled her, and once again, it went way easier then I had any right to hope.  I tossed it in her mouth with out even seeing where it was going, sure she was going to spit it right out, but she swallowed it.  (she is not clever enough to hold it in her mouth and spit it out later)  She ate some breakfast this morning, so that was good.  I am a smidge concerned about getting her the meds each morning, but it most definitely will not be the quality of life issue that it is with Squeaky..

Fortunately the bill wasn't quite as high as I was expecting which was nice.

So at the moment it looks like we might have peace and quiet in the household for a while..
*knock on wood* - a lot

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  1. Sounds like you have your hands full. With our 12 pets (8 cats and 4 dogs) we are always pilling someone. The dogs get the pill question, but we use a pill-popper gun for the cats. Just scruff, lift up, mouth open gun and plug and you're done. Treats are dispensed as a reward. Our Snafu jumps up for his daily pill. All we have to do is shake the pill bottle!

    Thanks for stopping by my human blog and commenting. I'll be posting an update on the gull and my thoughts about it today.

    ~Lisa Co9T


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