Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yet another trip to PetSmart

I got there just as the women who were cleaning for the night were leaving, so I was able to sneak in and get some kitten time with out bugging the staff.  Once again I got the "you should so adopt them!!" speil.  Both of them were apparently just talking about me when I walked up and were thinking I should just take them home since I visit so much.

I had a nice visit. Peter gave me his belly to pat, and we had a lot of fun with some neon colored feathers at the end of a string on a stick.  Tin was jumping and doing back flips trying to catch it.  Peter finally caught it and grabbed it and ran off with it.  It was so adorable seeing those neon feathers against his cream and buff little body.

As I was leaving I ran into a staff member who I know because she is also a volunteer at the shelter.  She too gave me the speil.  Guys, if it were possible for me to keep them, do you think by now I would have adopted them!!  I feel much like I did when I was younger and people found out for the first time that I decided to not have children. 

So today Mary started Tweeting about the boys trying to drum up some interest in them.  Nikki posted on facebook.  :) I saw Mary tweeted directly to Eliza Dushku which I thought was quite funny since the last time I took videos of the boys I was watching the Angel episodes where she was on being Faith and saving the world.  The scenes that were playing were a little graphic, so I didn't watch the videos prior to tonight, but I couldn't resist.  There are some cute ones.  I'm not sure if you can hear the TV, I couldn't.


  1. Connie, I completely understand why you can't take the boys. Even though I'm in Virginia, I wish I could take them. But I already have 2 cats, and neither one would appreciate any other cat company. :(

    So the least I could do was try to help find these guys a home. I tweeted quite a few "big" names, but so far only one has retweeted. That was Cherise Sinclair, one of my favorite romance authors. She only has around 600 followers, but I'm hoping at least a few will be in your neck of the woods.

    I also emailed a couple of cat blogs asking if they could possibly post a link. Natalie at The Adventures of Scarlet & Melly has graciously agreed to make a little mention along with her regular Saturday post. :D

    We'll get these boys a good home yet! :)

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    People at shelters should just ask "are you interested in taking a kitty home or just here for a friendly visit?" No one should be pressured into taking a kitty home because many times the responsible choice is NOT to take one home and the reasons (like having another cat who has to be an only child or not having the finances for more pets or an impending job relocation or an illness) for this are private.
    Anyway, if you are fostering, I'd say you are doing your part to help animals and then some!


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