Thursday, June 30, 2011


Nigel was born on April 7th to a sweet kitty named Jordan.  Jordan had come into the shelter a month before and no one knew she was pregnant.  She came down with a cold and was vaccinated and medicated, and she still wasn’t feeling well so they sent her to a vet to find out what was wrong; which is when they found out she was pregnant so she went into foster care.   While she delivered three happy and healthy babies, she was unable to produce much milk and as a result her kittens were bottle fed. 

Jordan was an incredibly social cat and she passed that on to her kittens.  Nigel loves attention and prefers to curl up on your lap and watch his sisters play, well most of the time.  Another trait passed on was an immune system that isn’t ideal.  While he was never “sick” he had a hard time fighting off some internal parasites and as a result he is much smaller then his sisters.  It is also believed that he might have a sensitive digestive system and would do best on a grain free diet (dry food was provided at all times, but he did not eat it, and would vomit it up if he did)

Nigel is a polydactyl kitty.  He has five back toes instead of the normal four.  He has the standard five front toes, but his “thumbs” are much longer then normal.  He was originally born with one extra claw, but it was malformed and fell off shortly after birth. 

Nigel has great manners, is socially outgoing and uses the litter box well. Nigel really LOVES cat safe milk.  He likes small balls and feathered toys


  1. 'Bye 'bye little Nigel! I hope you find a loving home as soon as possible. I'm sure they will be impressed with your loving personality and great looks.

  2. Nigel, we're purring that you find a wonderful forever home!


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