Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kittens at work.

So the owner of the place where I work has gone back to Europe, so I'm able to bring the kittens in to work for more socialization.  I find that kittens who never leave the foster room tend to be shyer and don't adjust as well to going to the shelter... that and my boss and co-workers really enjoy having "Kitten Fridays".  Since I only work a few hours on Friday it is easy to sneak them in and not worry about food and litter.  Since these kittens are older then most when I start bringing them to work, I brought a little bit of chicken and didn't feed them breakfast to make being in a strange place a little easier to take. Lily was the bravest and was very happy to find the chicken
 Nigel wanted chicken too
 My boss feeding the kittens chicken
 Bug says she'll take hers in the carrier please
 well if you don't deliver
 I then put them in my boss's office to hang out with her.  She's got a few nooks and crannies that all kittens tend to gravitate to, but Nigel found a new one.  How and why he did this, we aren't sure but it certainly is adorable.

Nigel is now just about 1lb 12 oz. 


  1. I want kitten Fridays! What a wonderful way to socialize them and let them learn about new people and things.

  2. It's a little hard to tell Nigel's gaining weight in that last photo -- he is squashed so flat!

    The kittens are adorable and I hope Bug eventually came out and enjoyed your co-workers' company!


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