Saturday, June 4, 2011

In the news

Yesterday while reading my rounds around the blogosphere, I came across the story of a 9 yr old boy who stood up to an older boy who was abusing a kitten.

Broke my heart to read that story, and I can't tell you how badly I wanted to give something to that 9 yr old boy. 

I was so glad to hear the kitten was doing well and was about to go up for adoption

Well this morning it has been reported that the kitten died.  My heart breaks all over again, but I take some comfort in the kitten knew love.  It was rescued, and fixed up, and I'm sure the vet, the staff, and the foster home loved the daylights out of this kitten... not to mention the boy and his family, and every one of us who heard the story.

What made me want to rush over to blogger and post was this
The kitten was going to be put up for adoption Friday. If you were interested in giving the kitten a home, why not consider giving a good home to another kitten at the Suffolk Animal Shelter in honor of the kitten that didn't survive.
Those interested in adopting can visit Suffolk Animal Shelter at 124 Forest Glen Drive. Adoptable pets can be viewed on thier website .

Thank you.  Thank you for reminding people there are other kittens out there who need homes.  It always breaks my heart when I hear stories of abused or newsworthy rescued animals who go up for adoption because hundreds of people line up to get the "famous" kitten, but leave with out an animal when they don't get the famous one.  I've said before it almost makes me want to go on a roof top and start pitching kittens (not that I EVER would)   There is nothing but a story separating the famous from those sitting in a cage.  If you only want a famous kitten, make up a story.. who will know that your kitten wasn't rescued from a bully? or pulled her kittens out of a fire? etc.

I so hope that the Suffolk Animal Shelter gets a run on their kittens and now they are empty..

Heck, I hope that for every animal shelter out there

btw, they are doing a necropsy on the kitten, and if it is determined the boy is the cause, his charges will be upgraded

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