Monday, June 27, 2011

Bath Time for Nigel

Nigel was still looking dingy and didn't have that "new kitten smell" so I figured a bath was in order.  I brought him upstairs and he was quite curious about the new environment.  He became wide eyed at my kitties, and I let him sniff them.  I could tell he wanted to puff up and show them how impressive he was, but my crew is so non-plus-ed by kittens they don't even hiss at them any more.  So after a few quick sniffs we moved on to the bathroom.
Nigel was very interested in the whole experience.  He purred and purred, and explored and enjoyed every bit of it
yes, even the water
Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos or videos of the bath because I only have two hands, but he purred through everything but the final rinse.   When I wrapped him up in the towel he started purring again

looking around on the trip back to the kitten room
Once he got back, he was very concerned about getting his fur back in the right spots.  Bug helped him a bit but she got distracted by Lily.
He was very intent on grooming until I put down a bowl of cat milk.  All thought of his wet and displaced fur went right out of his mind.  He also became a little possessive of the milk.  I wanted to see if he liked this as much as KMR, which he does.
Don't you just love the toes?
Now for the "bad" news.  Nigel has finally reached two pounds.  They will be going back Wednesday to be neutered then up for adoption.


  1. least he enjoyed himself. It can be hard when they finally get big enough - we try so hard to get them there and then have to take them back when they are... ;)

  2. We're very impressed at how well Nigel did with his bath! What a sweetie. We know a lot of shelters neuter at two pounds, but it's so small...The shelter we were adopted from neuters at 3+ pounds. We'll purr for wonderful forever homes for them all!

  3. I suspect you meant that Nigel didn't have the 'new clean smell'!! New dirty kitten smell can be pretty unappealing.


    I'm glad that Nigel enjoyed his bath and will be a big boy soon. He's going to make somebody a snuggly little lovebug!


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