Friday, June 3, 2011

Frenchtip Friday

I noticed recently that Lily has french tips...
She's also got a cute stripe of spots across her belly... it's almost like she's wearing a white belly shirt and shorts..
Sorry Lily, was that a little too personal?


  1. must...snorgle.....

    Is she a polydactyl? Looks like she has thumbs with her beautiful white tips.

  2. Yes, our little Lily kept her extra claws. So she is a true poly. She has one extra thumb on each front foot and one extra toe one each back.

    Nigel was a partial poly when he was born, having that extra claw dangling one one front paw... it fell off after a few weeks, so he has no extra claws on his front feet despite looking like he does, but he does have an extra toe on each back foot.

    Bug, bug has no additional toes, but totally has additional personality..

  3. ::Thud:: That's the mom falling off her chair at the site of Lily's adorably tummy!


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